3-D Leader is the first difficult people certification that is specifically developed for those charged with leading groups that include Difficult, Dominant and Diverse personalities.

It goes beyond offering mere coping advice to providing concrete step-by-step strategies for leading diverse high performing teams.

Your need is not merely trying to get along. Your responsibility is to pull together a challenging group into a cohesive team that achieves stretch targets and meets its objectives.

You are called to extraordinary leadership, to function on another dimension. Your calling is to be a??3-D Leader.


As a certified 3-D Leader you will:

Apply a breakthrough perspective on the concept of difficult people to immediately achieve new levels of understanding and harmony.

Speak D-I-S-C fluently so that your diverse personalities hear your instructions and feedback in their preferred behavioral language.

Use ready-to-go step-by-step strategies to lead effectively despite open and hidden challenges from team members.

Develop the knack of being able to communicate as if you were ???inside the head??? of the other person.


DISC Framework endorsement

I have been involved in executive management for the better part of 20 years with more than my fair share of success.??The D-I-S-C framework has changed my perspective on management, leadership, followership and human interaction; forever.

Livingstone Morrison, Former Deputy Governor ??? Bank of Jamaica,??Graduate of the Success with People Academy??? Certified Behavioral Coach program Register Now: info@successwithpeople.org


Course Structure:

Module 1: Dealing With Difficult People: A Different Perspective

Module 2: Why You Must Learn To Speak D-I-S-C Fluently To Achieve Success

Module 3: ??Using DISCerning Communication To Lead Diverse Teams

Module 4: Who Is In Charge Here Anyway? Leading Dominant Personalities

Module 5: How to Lead The 5 Most Difficult Characters

Module 6: How To??Handle Conflict Using A Selection Of Proven Techniques

Module 7: Developing High Performing Teams

Module 8: Followership and Low Employee Engagement: Problems & Solutions

Module 9:??Giving & Receiving Feedback & Instructions Without Pushback

Module 10:??On-the-job Assignment

Participants are required to conduct a coaching session with key members of their team in which they pass on??3??of the most beneficial concepts that they covered in the??3 D Leader??experience.

3-D Leader: Leading Difficult, Dominant & Diverse Personalities??is a program of the Success with People??? Academy which is authorized by the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) to offer Professional Development Credits (PDCs) for the??SHRM-CP or??SHRM-SCP Certifications.


Odeth Reynolds, Chief Human Resources Officer, Jamaica Energy Partners

???Trevor and the stellar Success with People Academy team provide unique and differentiated human capacity development services. I have been delighted with their innovation and high impact solutions and have continued to engage with them in my varied executive roles over ten years. Their unique application of behavioural diagnostics sets them apart in the areas of team building, supervisory performance management, leadership development and targeted interventions.???


The course is delivered online in live facilitator-led, interactive sessions. Subscribers are required to actively participate in a minimum of 6 of the 8 two-hour sessions that will be provided. There will be a brief online assessment that is designed to capture recall of core concepts.

A headset (preferred) and reliable Internet access are required. Session replays will be made available.

Schedule: Wednesdays & Fridays 10 ??? 12 am EST (GMT-5) for four weeks


The tuition fee of US$499 covers:

I. Instructor-led, live sessions

II. Course materials

III. 12-month???s access to online courseware

IV. One year of e-mail consultation

V. Access to an exclusive Membership Community


??Move up to the next dimension. Become an??SHRM accredited 3-D Leader and lead difficult, dominant and diverse personalities.

Register Now: info@successwithpeople.org


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