To inspire clients to peak performance by delivering unparalleled value through innovative technology and human capacity development solutions

We have invested over 40 years into the pursuit of making organizations, teams, and their members more productive.

This quest to drive enhanced performance has been anchored by the twinned pillars of Technology Deployment and Capacity Development.


We are respected as much for the quality of our products as for our flexibility in getting clients exactly what they need. We do not take refuge in weaknesses in contract specifications and service level agreements.
Consequently, we embrace the following core values:

  1. Integrity ??? we give our word and honour it ??? no matter what
  2. People first ??? it is in our name and our DNA
  3. Customer centric ??? clients are the life blood of our existence. You are what we do
  4. Social conscience ??? our goal is to empower and enable others
  5. Reliable ??? this is the companion of integrity. We work to earn your trust and keep it.
  6. Efficiency ??? we find the quickest route to resolution
  7. Adding value ??? we find a way to add value to even the most basic processes


We have invested over 40 years into the pursuit of making organizations, teams, and their members more productive.

This quest to drive enhanced performance has been anchored by the twinned pillars of Technology Deployment and Capacity Development.


Trevor E S Smith ??? Chairman

Trevor is the CEO, and a founding Director of the INFOSERV Group including the Success with People Academy, INFOSERV Institute of Technology, INFOSERV Learning Management System and a joint venture partner in INFOSERV People Tech Solutions and a member of global Extended DISC/FinxS franchise network.

These entities provide technology-driven, human capacity developmental solutions for the more effective leadership, development and management of individuals, teams and organizations.

Trevor is a people skills and performance enhancement specialist.

He is a prolific developer of content that offers unique perspectives on Inter-Personal Relationships, High Performance Teams, Scientific Selling, Conflict Management, Leadership, Customer Service, Strategic Management, Christian Ministry, Stress Management And Time Mastery, e-Competency Frameworks, among others.

The Success with People Academy and the INFOSERV Institute of Technology are recognized by the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) to offer Professional Development Credits (PDCs) for SHRM-CP or SHRM-SCP recertification. Its Certified Behavioural Coach Award is accredited by the International Coach Federation (ICF).

Trevor is steeped in the development and deployment of technology solutions. These include Learning & Compliance Management Solutions, Online/Virtual Academies, TVET Control System, Interactive Courseware, E-books, E-Competency Framework 2.0, E-Work Plans and E-Onboarding solutions.

Trevor is the author of ???Success in Marriage??? and ???7 Keys to a Lasting Relationship??? that are available on Amazon and the developer of the ???Certified Behavioural Coach award.

Richard Dick Solomon ??? CEO

Richard Solomon is Principal Consultant and Managing Director of Development Consulting Center Ltd., a firm he founded in 1997 that focuses on Organizational Development and CEO of INFOSERV People Tech Solutions Limited (Nigeria), a firm that supports organization and human development through cutting-edge IT solutions. Richard holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Business Management, a Post Graduate Certificate in Organization Development, a Master of Business Administration specializing in Organization Transformation. He holds a second MBA specializing in Strategic Human Resource Management and is pursuing a PhD. in Management Psychology at the University of Trinidad and Tobago. He is the bestselling author of The Signature Service Strategy, a book and system that guides organizations how to develop Signature Service cultures.

His firm has provided training and consulting services to companies in 41 countries in all sectors. Some clients include The Government of the Cayman Islands, Scotia Bank, Vodafone, BpTT, Digicel, Grace Kennedy, RBC Caribbean, Methanex, First Citizens Bank, Cable and Wireless, PepsiCo, Coca Cola, Bristol Myers Squibb, 3M, Nestle, JPSco. and the Central Bank of Trinidad and Tobago.

Richard is a Change Architect and strategist, who supports organizations through skilled consultancy, training and coaching. Some areas of specialization include: organization transformation, strategic HRM, Strategic planning, teambuilding, leadership development, change management, executive coaching and Signature service strategies.

He has been internationally trained by such firms as NTL Institute (the originators of Organizational Development), Franklyn Covey (Utah U.S.A), Stucki AG (Switzerland), DMA Inc. (Salem U.S.A), Association of Co-operative Educators (Toronto Canada), ???Who Moved My Cheese???? LLC (Utah U.S.A), Otto Kroeger Associates (Virginia U.S.A), Service Quality Institute (Minneapolis, Minnesota) and International Forum for Social Innovation (Paris France). He has over 25 years of experience in Organization Development including that of Alignment Specialist, Consultant and Training and Development Manager.

Mr. Solomon is a member of the Board of Directors of the NTL Institute of Applied Behavioural Sciences (Virginia USA), a Director of the PRVM Performing Arts Academy and a former Executive member of the Trinidad and Tobago Scout Association. He also served as a member of the Management Committee of the Programme for Development and Training at the Commonwealth Telecommunications Organisation in the United Kingdom.

Richard has been listed in the ???Who???s Who in Trinidad and Tobago Business???; and has been featured on TV and Radio programs commenting on human and organizational development issues. He personally provides training to thousands of individuals annually and has lectured Management and Human Resource Management at the Tertiary Level.

Tessa B Walker ??? Director/COO

Tessa is an accomplished, outcome-oriented individual with over a decade experience in Senior Management with a privately-held group involved in the Education, Information Technology and Consulting sectors.

She brings exceptional problem-solving skills to the process along with diverse experience in Finance, Accounting and all aspects of the operations of the Group. She has demonstrated expertise in and a dedication to innovating process improvements that positively affect company profitability.

Tessa graduated at the top of the EMBA (University of the West Indies) 2008 graduating class. She has also completed post-graduate studies in Organization Development.

She has a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Mathematics and Asian Studies from Williams College (USA). She is a Certified Extended DISC affiliate and a Certified NCVTET Assessor.

Tessa is the anchor for our technology exploits. She provides a seamless link between our development arm and our clients with whom she consistently forges exception bonds.

She brings her sharp insights into the operations of the enterprise and is integral to the effective functioning of the business.

Her international experience includes working in the ICT sector in the USA and in the Banking and Finance sector in Australia.

Chibueze Manly Nwankpa ??? General Manager

Chibueze gained his first degree in Biochemistry; MBA in Strategic Management; and is currently running a Ph.D program in Strategic Marketing Communications, all from the prestigious Babcock University, Nigeria.

Chibueze began his professional career with Skye Bank (now known as Polaris Bank) in 2010, where he held a wide variety of leadership roles, during his 11 years of service, including Administrative Executive; Head, Cash Management, Head, Customer Service (Sales); Learning and Development Officer; e-learning and Blended learning administrator, Corporate/Product Brand Marketing Officer; Strategic Planning & Project Management as well as Brand Transformation Officer. He is currently the General Manger of INFOSERV People Tech Solutions, Nigeria. He is an associate member of the Nigerian Institute of Public Relations.

Chibueze, an expert brander and a marketing dynamo, is a self-motivated, dedicated and result-driven professional. Part of his core competencies includes brand management, crisis management, business development, market research analyst, content creation and strategic planning.

Gershon Reinarh – Business Development Manager – Ghana

Gershon is a dynamic and experienced business development professional who has built and managed sales pipelines to deliver substantial results quickly.

He contributes to IPTS and our clients by strategically opening new channels and by forging new relationships to drive growth.

He is driven by a desire to empower others and he champions our Technology and Capacity Development solutions with a sincere interest in adding value.

Given his own track record in the field, Gershon is uniquely equipped to help organizations increase the effectiveness of the Sales team.

Gershon is a graduate of the Cape Coast University and is fluent in English, Damgbe, Krobo, Ga, Twi.

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