Why There Needs To Be a Different You in 2022

Could you commit murder?

In the movie “The Push”, Psychological Illusionist Derren Brown uses social pressure to convince ordinary, decent, real-life individuals to become increasingly socially compliant until they commit murder.

Have many of us have lost our objectivity because of social pressure?

Can socialization and corporate culture strip us of our capacity to think independently?

Critically, are socialization and corporate culture stifling creativity and innovation?

Let us explore these questions from the perspective of an avatar “Dan Jnr”.

Dan Jnr had been elevated to lead the unit. Like many others in his situation, Dan Jnr is facing many challenges. His experience is replicated across many organizations. We capture its essence here.

How was your promotion received?

There was lukewarm reception by some team members. A few appeared to be supportive. However, there is a hard core of individuals who had spent years under the leadership of my predecessor who refuse to cooperate.

What is their grouse?

The organization is big on tradition. Many of the employees have been there for years. Some have come there directly out of school and have never experienced any other work environment. You survive there by falling in line with cultural norms.

I am relatively new to the organization and a newbie in this unit.

I am viewed with suspicion as I am one of a group of strategically recruited executives who are expected to lead the renewal of the organization.

We are viewed by the employees as the first wave of an invading army that is coming to take away their jobs and destroy everything that they hold dear.

This sounds like there is mistrust. Do you think you may have contributed to this in any way?

I try to be polite and respectful. However, I am here to get a job done. I am expected to initiate change and make a difference.

The biggest challenge may not be related to trust. The problems arise every time I try to introduce something new.

I get overrun with responses about how it has always been done. The persona of the previous unit leader looms large. Resistance to change is the issue from my perspective. I have never hidden the fact that change is my agenda so there should be no misunderstandings.

What support are you getting from the top?

I get a mixed response. They seem to appreciate the need for the renewal but in the main they are also wed to the tradition.

For example, I might get approval for a new initiative but being supported in its implementation is another matter. Limited resources. Slow further approvals. Retreat when challenged by traditionalists.

Could it be that your approach to change management is too aggressive and needs tweaking?

It may be. I face roadblocks at every turn and I feel like I am out there on my own most of the time. But I feel like that comes with my role as a change agent.

What is the answer from your perspective?

I am not sure that I am able to prescribe solutions.

I think that both sides are into a new experience and neither party is sure how to deal with it.

Maybe I could have learned to slow down and build trust first rather than pushing through the change agenda.

I also wonder if top management could have been more thoughtful in the planning and introduction of the change initiative.

I have the sense that the organization was not ready. This kind of transformation initiative requires preparation and change agents like me could definitely benefit from some specialized training and ongoing support.

What next?

I appreciate the challenges. In the final analysis, I think that I need to continue to be different. If I succumb to the pressure of the traditional culture I would have failed.

I need to be different as the difference that I am representing will save the jobs of those who are resisting. It is not a strategy to replace them.

I need to be different because the trajectory of my life is different from most of my colleagues.

Statistically, the greater part of my life is ahead of me whilst theirs is behind them. I need to maintain a future-ready mind-set.

I have to be different because this issue is bigger than me and even my organization. This kind of transformation is of national importance.

Dan Jr’s situation is increasingly a feature of life in organizations in this climate of rapid and inescapable change.


Are there Dan Jnr units in your organization? People skills are critical for developing strong teams within organizations. Ask about our Time/Task/Stress & Change Management e-diagnostics as you look on the horizon to have even more impact for this new year.

Additionally, have you completed a climate survey recently? According to the Harvard Business review “Not having a regular survey sends a clear message: you don’t care about people’s opinions. The act of filling out a survey gives them a specific channel for expressing voice…. They’re still great predictors of behaviour, they give employees the chance to feel heard, and they’re actually a vehicle for changing behaviour.”

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Is Employee Feedback Being Neglected?

The pandemic has produced unimaginable disruption and changes, the results of which might take months to fully unravel. Remote work is posing a challenge for people outside of the workforce but with grave significance for organizations.

In the midst of this confusion, the call for clear-headed, informed leadership has never been more important. People want answers and not just any answer ??? they want leadership to make good decisions.

And so, we get back to the question posed in the title ??? Is Employee Feedback Being Neglected?

While many may not be quick to answer in the affirmative, there is decline in the conduct of Employee Satisfaction surveys (by whatever name you use). And there are understandable logistical reasons why organizations have not been getting feedback from employees at a time when it is more needed than ever.


Just working to keep the staff safe and preventing in an outbreak that could dislocate operations is challenging enough. And so, the Employee Satisfaction survey is put on hold.

Perceived Employee Fatigue

There is a sense that given all the new pressures that employees are experiencing, asking them to complete a survey might be asking too much.


  1. Does your organization really have a comprehensive understanding and appreciation of the issues that are front of mind of its team members?
  2. Given the gravity of the situation, would it be better to undertake evidence-based planning instead of relying on anecdotal information?
  3. What replacement mechanism is there for keeping the fingers of the leadership team on the pulse of the organization?
  4. Where is the organization???s alternative source of the gems that are embedded in the open-ended responses that are captured in good instruments?

There is no question that conducting the survey will add one more issue to address. But what is the alternative? Is it better to proceed blindly?

Why do we doubt that team members would love to get the opportunity to provide insights from their perspective as to the way forward?

No alt text provided for this image

Be warned! Hidden under the cloak of the pandemic is the changing make-up of the workforce demographically and more critically ??? philosophically. Failing to get to grips with an appreciation of the world view of an increasing chunk of the staff could have disastrous consequences.


So yes, I do have a stake in this as we have conducted similar surveys are many years, with the assistance of increasingly sophisticated technology to remove the logistical challenges from our clients. In fact, we make it happen from end to end.

The technology solution is the revolutionary FinxS Platform from Extended DISC.

Extended DISC?? Surveys collect individual responses objectively and confidentially and organizes them into insightful, readily-digestible reports. This provides an important compass that guides the organization to the achievement of its objectives.

At the same time, the survey data provide great value in benchmarking results across periods and operating units.

Ease of Implementation

Conducting surveys on the revolutionary FinxS platform is simple and easy. It eliminates all the administrative nightmares by infusing a series of features that remove the burden of tracking and administrative set-up from the user.

We even have a battery of questions that you can use to create your own instruments.

Speedy Information-rich Reports

We work with you to ensure that each survey generates the desired information. The FinxS Platform allows for a great deal of flexibility in the reports. Rich graphics enrich the data and facilitate interpretation.


Contact us to discuss the implementation of a Workforce Climate Survey, Employee Satisfaction or Engagement Survey or Customer/Supplier Survey.

We will guide you through the simple process. Alternatively, we will set up and conduct the survey with your input and provide you with a final report and our guiding insights.

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Negotiating With A Dominant Personality

This is it. The final hurdle to close the deal. Her reputation precedes her. She is one tough cookie. What can you do?

Here is a proven strategy to get to win-win more frequently… even when faced with a dominant negotiator.


Your Outlook

Develop a strategy that concentrates on her goal of personal control of her environment and fear of having someone take advantage of her. Always let her feel as if she is in control.
Remember the dominant personality (D-Style) wants to WIN!

However, you can’t afford to come across as being weak. The D-Style wants to do business with winners.


Your interaction


  1. Limit the amount of socializing up front.
  2. Get to the point.
  3. Respond to their task-related/result-oriented needs.
  4. Be business-like.
  5. Ask ???what??? questions that focus on their concern for results.
  6. Accept their bluntness.
  7. Show desire to achieve added results.


Gaining D-Style Co-operation and Commitment


  1. Highlight the key options available. Do not present only one option.
  2. Make it clear that you understand that the choice is theirs.
  3. Don???t try to push them to make a choice or to accept your recommendations.
  4. Work towards developing a long-term win-win relationship to your mutual benefit.
  5. Ensure efficiency and delivery as promised.
  6. Draw attention to your proven successes. No need to be humble.
  7. Focus on helping them to achieve their goals.


Remember the D-Style does not like:


  1. Waiting
  2. Idle chatter
  3. Slow responses
  4. Indecision
  5. Overly structured requirements
  6. Taking orders or losing control of the situation


Your arguments should always include phrases like:

???This means that you?????????
???The benefit of this to you is??????
???The competitive advantage for you is ???..???


Negotiating For Success is one certification included in our Leadership Development Program that is delivered online and with supporting live webinars through your branded Virtual Academy.??Complete the form below to learn how your organization can participate.

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    Values-driven Leadership Development

    I feel compelled to share the structure of a highly successful Leadership Development Program that is in a follow up phase of implementation with an important public sector entity. 


    The organization is committed to becoming a Centre of Excellence. That led to the unavoidable conclusion that it was important to start by distilling the Values that would underpin their quest.


    The next consideration related to the challenge of cascading Values down through the various levels of the organization such that they are manifested in the day to day conduct of business. 

    The decision was taken to adopt an updated, futuristic approach to Competency Frameworks – Competency Framework 2.0.

    Core Competencies along with the carefully crafted and insightful descriptors were developed for each level of the organization. 


    In recognition of the critical need for across the board buy in, care was taken to conduct small group review, adjustment and acceptance of the competencies and the very important descriptors.

    The 2.0 approach does not use one blanket Statement of Competency that applies at all levels. 

    CEOs and entry level clerks have different responsibilities related to communication or the use of initiative. Consequently, developing forward-looking, role-specific descriptors provides clarity as to what is expected in the performance of each job.

    That in turn feeds into performance management as well as learning and development considerations. In that way, Competency Framework 2.0 becomes a hub for Workforce/Talent Management ??? from Recruitment & Selection, through Onboarding, Learning & Development, Performance Management & Appraisal, Career Development and Succession Planning.


    Some entities look upon the approved and bought into Competency Framework 2.0 like it is a trophy. Something to be set up to be admired but not touched.  Motivated by the earnest quest to become a Centre of Excellence, the organization embarked on an implementation program. 

    The initial phase was to develop a Leadership Development Program that would embrace the values, competencies and overall philosophy that was contained in the Competency Framework 2.0.

    That program was aligned with HR Training Plans which had already identified competency and knowledge gaps.


    The program was delivered using best of class technology support. An organization-branded Virtual Academy was developed to host and deliver the program.

    Interactive online content was developed. Each course offered Professional Development Credits that are approved by the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) for SHRM CP and SCP recertification. 

    Each course had built in or appended mini quizzes to validate the transfer of knowledge. This also facilitates Training ROI considerations.

    In a display of recognition of learner challenges, a live synchronous component was incorporated. This was limited to one weekly online 90-minute session.??


    The take up of the offer to participate in the program was outstanding. The live sessions were a thing to behold. Critically, completion rates (i.e. the granting of certificates and professional development credits) exceeded all expectations. 

    It is not surprising that Phase 2 has attracted a significant increase in registration. 


    This program from end to end is now supported by our SPIKE technology solution (Strategic Performance Improvement and Knowledge Enabler).

    Let us have a conversation as to how this positive experience can infuse resilience and future-readiness into your Leadership cadre.

    Trevor E S Smith

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    What Does Evidence-based Workforce Development Involve?

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    Team Dynamics

    It sounds corny, but it is true ??? Teamwork makes the dream work. An examination of team dynamics can tell the story about the long term success of an organization. Our vast array of customizable individual and team diagnostics will present your story using a compelling mix of graphics and text.


    We guarantee that you will gain insights about your organization, each team and individual members that are not available to you from any other source!

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    Front-line Presence

    How are you being represented by your customer service/client care representatives?

    People see your organization through the experiences they have with those individuals. Have you taken extra care in your selection, training and management of those team members?

    We have some specifically-crafted assessments and reports for client care that are guaranteed to move the relationship with your clients and stakeholders to a higher level.

    Customer Service ??? Role Fit Analysis Extract (Property Extended DISC Intl)


    As with other roles, the Ideal Job Template is created with input from individuals who fully understand the requirements of the role. They decide on the ratings of the competences that are drawn from the vast FinxS?? Behavioural Competency Library.

    Employee Engagement

    Consecutive Deloitte studies indicate that 2 out of every 3 employees are not engaged on the job. Two-thirds of your employees are merely going through the motions. What does that mean for your overall effectiveness and goal attainment?

    Monitoring the workplace climate and level of engagement with easy to implement Satisfaction Survey instruments is a good starting point. You can also add the use of 360 assessments to identify where your leadership challenges lie and what to do about them.

    The flat-fee licence also includes the new Remote Worker Assessment.


    One-size-fits-all training and coaching is a regular occurrence. However, it is not the most effective solution. Our behavioural assessments provide the opportunity for laser-like, targeted training and coaching that addresses the specific needs of each individual in ways that suited to their behavioural style. Improved competence drives enhanced performance!

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    How does the budget-friendly, flat-fee licence work?

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