Negotiating With A Dominant Personality

This is it. The final hurdle to close the deal. Her reputation precedes her. She is one tough cookie. What can you do?

Here is a proven strategy to get to win-win more frequently… even when faced with a dominant negotiator.


Your Outlook

Develop a strategy that concentrates on her goal of personal control of her environment and fear of having someone take advantage of her. Always let her feel as if she is in control.
Remember the dominant personality (D-Style) wants to WIN!

However, you can’t afford to come across as being weak. The D-Style wants to do business with winners.


Your interaction


  1. Limit the amount of socializing up front.
  2. Get to the point.
  3. Respond to their task-related/result-oriented needs.
  4. Be business-like.
  5. Ask ???what??? questions that focus on their concern for results.
  6. Accept their bluntness.
  7. Show desire to achieve added results.


Gaining D-Style Co-operation and Commitment


  1. Highlight the key options available. Do not present only one option.
  2. Make it clear that you understand that the choice is theirs.
  3. Don???t try to push them to make a choice or to accept your recommendations.
  4. Work towards developing a long-term win-win relationship to your mutual benefit.
  5. Ensure efficiency and delivery as promised.
  6. Draw attention to your proven successes. No need to be humble.
  7. Focus on helping them to achieve their goals.


Remember the D-Style does not like:


  1. Waiting
  2. Idle chatter
  3. Slow responses
  4. Indecision
  5. Overly structured requirements
  6. Taking orders or losing control of the situation


Your arguments should always include phrases like:

???This means that you?????????
???The benefit of this to you is??????
???The competitive advantage for you is ???..???


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