E-Competency Framework 2.0 And The Employee Engagement Challenge


Competitiveness and excellence is everybody???s business.

Satisfying stakeholder needs is what keeps the doors open.

Yet, consecutive Deloitte surveys highlight that over 66% of employees are not actively engaged in either of those pursuits.

My gross oversimplification of one take-away is that organizations should establish a collaboration between employer and team member to add ???Why??? and ???How??? to their ???What??? for a breakthrough in the battle against low employee engagement!


For sure, the WHY is one key to bringing the human experience to the fore. People want meaning in their lives. We want to know that we matter and that what we do adds value.

Organizations have traditionally sought to communicate this through posting of Mission and Vision statements on walls.

How many of you actually identify with (or even recall without prompting) the carefully crafted statements?

Results dominate the conversations and the real life experience on the job. There is the imperative that targets must be met ??? no matter what!

Yet, Values are essential for sustainable success.

For example, short-term goals might be achieved by short-changing customers and intimidating employees.


e-Competency Framework 2.0 removes the vision and values of the walls and brings into the heart of daily activities. More critically, it replaces top-down direction of how to engage employees with a transparent, collaborative movement towards creating an environment that celebrates the human experience.

e-Competency Framework 2.0 (ECF 2.0) identifies the skills, aptitude, attitude and work environment required to complete each job effectively at the various levels of the hierarchy.

ECF 2.0 translates Values, Vision and Mission into the Why, How and What that guides daily activities. The role related descriptors of what is required at each level are the product of patient and transparent focus group discussion with stakeholders.


e-Competency Framework 2.0 facilitates the provision of critical information in readily digestible form. Now:

The Competency Framework supports staff by:

  • Providing a concise presentation of what the organization does and how it does it.
  • Placing each role in the context of the overall structure and showing its relationship with other positions.
  • Outlining the key skills, knowledge, abilities and attitude that are required to effectively perform each role.
  • Providing concrete insights into the knowledge, skills and attitude that are required to perform other roles for career planning and personal development considerations.
  • Providing objective guidelines for appraising personal or group performance.
  • Providing the platform for effective identification and analysis of skill gaps.
  • Laying out learning objectives related to acquiring the knowledge and skills to perform roles effectively.
  • Providing a structure for meaningful evaluation of existing practices and charting the way forward.
  • Acting as a vehicle for risk analysis and the identification of threats and opportunities.

The Competency Framework and Daily Operations

The Competency Framework is the road map and compass that guides the operations of the organization. It captures the essence of Job Descriptions in a way that links them to the overall vision and mission and to the cross-section of roles.


  • Supervisors & Managers should use the Competency Framework as a constant reference guide in driving performance.
  • All members of staff should review the Competency Framework at regular intervals to ensure that they are displaying the competencies that are required to effectively perform their roles and further their careers.
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The Competency Framework in Succession Planning and Career Advancement

The Competency Framework outlines pathways for advancement. Promotions and new job opportunities will be directly linked to the capacity to exhibit the competencies required for any given role.

Competitiveness and excellence demand the adoption of a performance-driven culture in which competence is given greater recognition that factors like seniority.

Consequently, Succession Planning and Career Advancement activities are strictly aligned to the Competency Framework.

The Competency Framework and Learning & Development

Because the Competency Framework reflects the essential competencies that are needed to achieve the mission, Learning & Development (training) budgets and programmes are targeted at the developing those competencies.

The Competency Framework guides a process of Gap Analysis. It assesses the knowledge, skills, abilities and attitude that are required to perform given roles and the existing competence of the individuals performing the roles.

This is an empowering initiative and team members grasp the opportunity to upgrade their skills. Identifying areas in which their skills could be developed engages them and drives performance.


Accept our offer of a no-cost consultation on how an electronic Competency Framework could add value in your organization.

An up-to-date and well-developed e-Competency Framework will identify the skills, knowledge and abilities that are needed to achieve your vision and objectives.

It will guide HR policies and processes from recruitment and selection through learning and development, career development and succession planning to ensure their relevance to current realities and future requirements.

The valid e-Competency Framework will also be integral in adding credibility to your Performance Management process while guiding daily operations to enhance efficiency and productivity.

We are experienced developers of Competency Frameworks and we have a fully developed electronic template that will be customized to address your unique circumstances and needs. This shaves months off traditional approaches to competency framework development.

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