One of the advantages of Extended DISC is that it is not consultant-centric. In other words, formal certification is not a requirement for using the assessments.

However, there are distinct benefits to being formally trained so as to better interpret and apply the assessments.

It is in that context and in response to requests of HR and Leadership professionals that we have placed formal DISC Certification in the Certified Behavioural Coach Program that is accredited by the International Coach Federation and is approved for the awarding of Professional Development Credits by the Society for Human Resource Management for SHRM CP and SCP Recertification.

There are four purpose-directed tracks to attaining ICF/SHRM-Accredited Certified Behavioral Coach status:

Independent Participation

Behavioral Coach Certification at No Cost To You

One-stop SHRM Recertification at No Cost To You

Millennial Leadership Development

Independent Participation

Many professionals have decided to chart their own course and have taken the decision to invest in themselves. They have sought the Certified Behavioral Coach award outside of the organizational context and have underwritten the cost of the tuition themselves.



I was excited about the course content, but I was initially skeptical about the course delivery, as I was never a fan of learning outside a classroom. But since this was the only way I could attend the course, I had to face the chat session. It was like being on a conference call easy and convenient and definitely worth it.

And as for the coach: Trevor really knows his stuff. He made understanding the principles so easy and he has a very accessible teaching style. If you need a bit more hand-holding even after you are done, Trevor is literally just a phone call away.

As a professional who has been helping people maximize their potential for nearly 10 years now, I knew that I found an amazing tool that I could use to do an even better job.

Becoming a Certified Behavioural Coach is definitely one of the best things I did for my life and career. It was new; it challenged me and introduced possibilities for my work as a communications strategist focused on people development.

I unreservedly recommend anyone who is even thinking about doing this course: Just do it!

Being a Certified Behavioural Coach is beyond personal development it is finding a path to the best you.

Kalando Wilmoth Chief Strategist The Write House

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How To Earn The Behavioral Coach Certification At No Cost To You Future Leaders Coaching

The beauty of the Certified Behavioral Coach program is that you can attain the award at no personal cost while adding value to your organization.

The process is simple.

1. You share your interest in coaching employees with leadership potential.

2. You present the plan under which you will earn the ICF-accredited Certified Behavioral Coach award. The plan includes access to the Certified Behavioral Coach Membership Community. The Membership Community provides you with the content that you will use to conduct webinars or mini-sessions with the selected coaches.

You can determine how many sessions you will undertake. We recommend that you offer to coach the individuals through one program. How To Increase Your Influence is ideal. There is a specific outcome and finite time requirement.

3. The organization underwrites the cost of program, get an empowered cadre of future-leaders while you get commendation from the organization and your Certified Behavioral Coach award. Classic win-win-win.

Get ahead of the curve and cement your value to the organization!

DISC Framework endorsement



I have been involved in executive management for the better part of 20 years with more than my fair share of success.

Yet, the Certified Behavioral Coach Program offered by Success With People Academy, has provided a new and exciting angle from which I can now pursue my passion for people, team and organizational development. Livingstone Morrison, Former Deputy Governor of Bank of Jamaica (Central Bank)

How To Earn SHRM Re-certification Credits At No Cost To You Advance Your Organization

The Certified Behavioral Coach also includes a one-stop package for the attainment of the SHRM Professional Development Credits (PDCs) that are required for SHRM CP and SCP re-certification.

The 60 PDCs can be attained in a simple 3-step process:

I. SHRM/ICF accredited Certified Behavioral Coach award 36 PDCs

II. Advance Your Organization: Future Leader Coaching Project 20 PDCs

III. Guided Self Study Completion of a mini-course in the Certified Behavioral Coach Membership Community 4+ PDCs


There is no limit on the numbers or the duration of the Future Leader Coaching Project.

SHRM will only allocate a maximum of 20 PDCs under the Advance Your Organization re-certification category representing 20 hours of coaching.

However, you may offer to extend your work with future leaders.

Your organization recognizes the value and impact and underwrites the program costs.

As a mid-career information professional, I wanted to expand my horizons. I identified coaching as a suitable option, mainly as a means of giving back. So, I completed the 9-week online interactive ICF/ SHRM accredited Certified Behavioural Coaching course a perfect fit. It was a unique educational experience in coaching, mentorship and leadership behaviour which provided a framework to diagnose and build successful collaborative relationships. It empowered me to effect change through a new understanding of behavioural styles through self-analysis and application of the Extended DISC framework.

The facilitators were knowledgeable, patient and engaging in imparting the concepts. Practical tools such as cases and interactions with practitioners were used to demonstrate concepts and give insights into the complex behavioural issues inside and outside the workplace.

The online course is conveniently scheduled for after work and week-ends. If you want to make a positive impact on the lives of others, I strongly recommend it. Lurline Cummings Information Resource Specialist at Grace Kennedy Ltd.



How To Address The Cries of Millennials


Millennials now represent the largest percentage of the US workforce (32%). with similar trends globally. An increasing number of Millennials now occupy senior leadership positions.

Yet more than six in ten Millennials (63 percent) say their leadership skills are not being fully developed. Unfortunately, little progress is being made in this area.

Last year, when asked to rate the skills and attributes on which businesses place the most value (and are prepared to pay the highest salaries), Millennials pointed to leadership as being the most prized. This was mentioned by 39 percent, but only 24 percent thought this was a strong personal trait of theirs upon graduation (a gap of 15 percentage points).

Millennials fully appreciate that leadership skills are important to business and recognize that, in this respect, their development may be far from complete. But, based on the current results, Millennials believe businesses are not doing enough to bridge the gap to ensure a new generation of business leaders is created. [Deloitte Millennial Survey 2016]

Research findings from another survey adds to the pressure for action

The Deloitte Global Human Capital Trends 2016 report highlights the international crisis related to Employee Engagement.

Employee engagement, like culture, has become a CEO-level issue.

Nearly nine in ten executives (85 percent) in the 2016 survey rated Engagement as an important (38 percent) or very important (48 percent) priority for their companies.

Engagement at all levels is now an imperative for organizations who want to retain their talent and remain competitive.

The changing profile of the workforce and related attitudinal changes have led to a situation in which leaders at all levels must increasingly apply coaching skills. The Certified Behavioral Coach certification addresses that imperative directly while responding to the needs of the growing Millennial constituency.

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Get a friend or colleague to share the experience with you and get all the benefits for the single tuition fee! That is a 50% saving.

What Other Certified Behavioral Coaches Are Saying About The Award

Kathleen Beckford BSc Management & Psychology says:

My investment in the CBC training has aided my transformational journey. While I had some knowledge of my personality trait having done some other work, I did not understand why I chose certain behavioural tools. This training affords me a greater understanding of myself, an appreciation of the behaviour of others and how to improve communication with what I would otherwise call difficult people. I now understand why I execute some tasks easily and effortlessly while some others require more energy, commitment and focus.

I strongly recommend this training as it augurs well for improved relationships whether at home or at the workplace.

Dear Trevor and Keri,

As part of your February 2017 online cohort, I completed the the SWP Academy’s Certified Behavioral Coach (CBC) Programme. I am writing to thank you for the absolutely inspirational and practical instruction I received from you. Over the past two months, since completing the programme, I’ve been applying the DISCerning Communication principles you taught me. I can see where this has had tremendously positive impact on my social and professional life. For example, I am working out the fine points of a partnership with an established arts instructor to create my “Motivation Through the Arts programme”. This affiliation is a huge step up from my previous mentorship efforts. My CBC training has also allowed me to have a better understanding of myself, so that I can leverage my strengths instead of unwittingly playing to my weaknesses. This sharpens my mentoring skills and motivational venture and adds valuable legitimacy to my work.

My CBC training makes each day more productive, as it is effective in every-day real-world ways, and it improves my productivity in all areas, especially the following:

Public Speaking, Negotiation, Interviewing, Listening and counseling

Motivation (intra- and interpersonal)

Healthy intra- and interpersonal dialogue

Assessment of my own strengths and weaknesses

The provision of a blueprint to enhance strengths and erase weaknesses

The removal of biases and ego-reflex responses prevents imputing motives to others based on the body language of their preferred communication style.

To anyone considering the programme, I can assure you: Participating in this programme is one of the best decisions you can make for yourself at work and at home.?? You will have insider knowledge of the tools to use and the keys to unlock the most mutually productive communication, when the SWP Academy teaches you how to recognize people’s need to use D, I, S or C style.

You will gain, as I have gained, the focus to advance in your career and a much lower stress level in day-to-day communication at all levels. Stress is high and potentially toxic, when we have to deviate too far from our natural styles, as we conform to the demands of our jobs or career. That’s why it’s important to our good health and increased wealth for us to learn exactly what our natural style is. The in-depth instruction you receive from Trevor and Keri, in the CBC programme, teaches you to see yourself clearly, so you can more clearly see your way to success, whatever your field.

Trevor and Keri, thanks again for your inspirational instruction.

Thank you.

Ann Henriques

Your Package

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The Certified Behavioral Coach package includes:

I. Access to 36 hours of facilitator-led interaction training with 4 bonus hours to cover for unavoidable absence.

II. All sessions are recorded and the powerful learning from the Chat Box comments is also made available.

III. 12 months of e-mail support.

IV. Access to the Certified Behavioral Coach Membership Community and the insights, interaction and value-added content that it offers.

V. Weekly Leadership Development e-mailed content.

VI. ICF Certified Behavioral Coach award and 36 Continuing Education Credits

VII. SHRM Certified Behavioral Coach Award and a minimum of 36 Professional Development Credits with an option to earn 60 PDCs

VIII. How To Increase Your Personal Influence course and support materials.

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