The Leadership Development Programme (LDP) is designed to undertake institutional strengthening of the organization’s Leadership Team so as to better achieve its objectives.??The LDP has different components and relies on the principle of diagnosis before prognosis.

Step 1: Establishing Role Alignment

Tasking someone to lead a battalion in a fierce battle as against providing counselling in an all-girls high school immediately conjures up different images as to behaviour on-the-job. Leadership roles also have subtle nuances and require different approaches for effective performance.

Converting those nuances to a body of observable competencies provides the platform for more focused and effective execution of leadership responsibilities ??? individually and collectively.

Step 1A: Create Ideal Role Templates for Leadership Roles

Individuals (4-6) who know what is expected from job roles complete an Extended DISC ideal behaviour template for the leadership roles. The concept is that these raters operate on the assumption that if they could create someone to perform the role, this is how they would ideally behave.

The individual scores are combined by the FinxS system to produce a benchmark for each competence. Those benchmarks are used to inform gap analysis for targeted development.

Gaps around the benchmarks are solely an indication of the level of energy or focus that the individual needs to perform a competence. They are not to be interpreted in the context of efficiency, effectiveness or similar performance evaluations.


Role-Fit Analysis

The further to the right the less energy it takes to perform the competence. The further to the left more attention and focus is required to display the competence.

Step 1 B: Complete Competency-based Behavioural Assessments


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The leadership team completes an online Extended DISC/FinxS-driven Leadership DNA Analysis.

Leadership DNA Reports include information on the individual???s behavioural preferences and their orientation to a battery of competencies.

The Leadership Team is overlaid on a cross-section of customized Extended DISC Team Maps. These Team Maps provide amazing insights and depth to discourse around Visioning, Alignment and Team Dynamics.

Step 2: 360 Competency-based Gap Analysis

This step is designed to identify competency gaps that have direct impact on individual and team performance.

A rigorous online questionnaire is used to get feedback on each member of the Leadership Team from their supervisor, peers and direct reports.

Success with People/Extended DISC experts will work with your team to develop the competency-based questionnaire to be used in the exercise.

The FinxS online 360 survey engine is used to manage the process seamlessly and to generate the individual reports.

Step 3: Leadership Coaching

The Success with People Academy???s philosophical construct is to diagnose and then prescribe on the basis of the findings. The Leadership Development Programme (LDP) then will be guided by the results of the diagnostic processes.

The LDP options below cover competencies that leaders are expected to demonstrate in line with international best practice. The options to be addressed will be established at the end of the diagnostic processes.

The Leadership Development Programme Options


  1. Transformational Thinking
  2. Problem Solving and Decision Making
  3. Understanding and Managing Change in the Workplace
  4. Driving Change in the Workplace
  5. Achieving Objectives through Effective Time and Task Management
  6. Managing Creativity and Innovation in the Workplace
  7. Foundations of Leadership
  8. Leading A Team Effectively
  9. Coaching And Training Your Work Team
  10. Motivating Others To Perform In The Workplace
  11. Achieving Success With And Through People
  12. Managing Conflict In The Workplace
  13. Managing Stress In The Workplace
  14. Supporting A Culture of Service to Internal and External Customers
  15. Planning to work Efficiently
  16. Organising And Delegating
  17. Managing Projects
  18. Understanding Culture And Ethics In Organisations
  19. Managing Performance
  20. Analytical Tools and Approaches
  21. Understanding The Communication Process In The Workplace
  22. Influencing Others At Work
  23. DISCerning Communication
  24. Effective Meetings For Managers
  25. Managing Upwards

Logistics and Responsibilities

Extended DISC/FinxS analytical tools will be used to drive the diagnostic processes. The incorporation of the state-of-the-art assessments help to place the Leadership Development Programme well beyond the realms of traditional leadership training programmes.

Once the diagnostics are completed and the debriefing has been undertaken, participants will participate in the virtual equivalent of a 2-day Boot Camp. The Boot Camp is facilitated by Success with People Global coaches with extensive international leadership experience.

To obtain the formal Leadership Development Certificate with Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) credits and accreditation, participants must:


  1. Complete the diagnostics
  2. Participate in 8 live 2-hour webinars
  3. Complete assessments that demonstrate mastery of structured learning & development materials
  4. Complete on-the-job assignments.



Benefits of the programme include:


  • Formal skills upgrade, assessment and verification of the competencies that leadership personnel must demonstrate in the context of current international best practice.
  • A cadre of leaders who are ready to guide their teams to address existing and future challenges.
  • Access to laser-focused objective assessments of participants. This allows for more precise identification of strengths and development areas and how best to coach them to improved performance.
  • Insights from the rigorous Gap Analysis process that pinpoints where best to channel resources to maximize returns.
  • A varied Leadership Coaching curriculum that addresses key competencies that will drive success in your environment.
  • Extended work-study and online discussion components that ensure that new habits are ingrained.
  • A convenient, resource-saving structure that allows for high impact without encroaching excessively on work-time and provides savings in contrast to other delivery modalities.


The overall process includes formal Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) international certification and Professional Development Credits (PDCs) that are valid for SHRM CP and SCP recertification, access to an extensive courseware library, live webinar series, assignments and online discussions, progress tracking & monitoring and formal assessment.

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