Remote Worker Productivity Solutions

Work from home regimes are now becoming the new norm for many businesses seeking to ???keep the doors open??? while managing the safety of their staff and other stakeholders.

As you position your business for growth in this ever increasingly competitive space requiring effective management of your remote workers, our Remote Worker e-solutions provide answers to your questions

  • Are my people Working Hard Or Hardly Working?
  • Are my people ???goofing off??? or being productive?

Who is it recommended for?

  • Remote/virtual employees
  • Virtual team members
  • Managers of remote employees
  • Remote Learning Students and Facilitators
  • How do I track and hold my people accountable working remotely?
  • What additional support does my staff need to be more productive remote workers?

Remote Worker Productivity Solutions:

  1. Real-Time Automatic Screen Capture
  2. Remote Worker Self-Study Workbook

1 - Real-Time Automatic Screen Capture

Know exactly when and what your employees have worked on, how much time and money they have spent on each task and what was on their monitors at that time. You will know for certain that you are paying for actual work, not for time spent on Social Media or online shopping. Time tracked on projects or individual tasks can be easily turned into shareable reports that keep your clients or managers in the loop.

Split your work into projects and tasks. Apply hourly rates and monitor your budget to stay on track. The app will continue time tracking and screenshot capture even with no connectivity to the web.

  • Time Tracking: ?????????? Monitor Productive hours
  • Graphical report: ?????????? Get employee Stats, profitability analysis
  • Silent Screen capturing: ?????????? Gather exact info about time spent
  • Simple Installation: ?????????? Low Ram consumption
  • Platform flexibility: ?????????? Windows. Linux, MacIntosh
  • Customer Support: ?????????? Tailor made modifications available



When your project requires monitoring

Know how much time is being spend on worthwhile activities? Break down your hours by projects, clients and tasks to see what???s making you money, and what???s holding you back.

How could you benefit from a more flexible approach that gives your employees the freedom to work from home?


According to a Canada Life survey, homeworkers rank their productivity as 7.7/10, compared to 6.5/10 for office workers. That???s because they claim they???re not in a loud environment or distracted by co-workers. A Stanford survey also found that employees who work from home are 13 percent more productive than their in-office counterparts.


Allowing your employees to work from home 2 days a week and operating a hot-desking policy the rest of the time, you could reduce the amount of office space you need. It???s true that hot-desking is not every employee???s favourite policy, but if it gives them the freedom to work from home for part of the week then there???s a good chance it will work.


While endless meetings and outdated workplace practices might keep workers in larger organisations tied firmly to their desks, the agility and entrepreneurial spirit that???s alive and well in many small businesses can give employees the freedom they crave.



One of the key drivers behind the rise in remote working is the ???millennial effect???. Younger generations have grown up being able to communicate cheaply and effectively from anywhere in the world, so it follows that they expect the same in a workplace environment, giving you a better access to talented pool of people.

Whether operating a hot-desking policy or remote work program, benefit from a more flexible approach that gives your team the freedom to work remotely while providing both accountability and effective oversight from anywhere in the world.

2 - Remote Worker Self-Study Workbook

Our Remote Worker Self-Study Workbook is designed for people working remotely. Its beneficial to employers, employees as well as students. The purpose is to help them create a work environment and processes that best support their strongest behavioural traits.

Working from home usually sounds ideal, but we have our own unique challenges and comfort areas when working remotely.

Working remotely comes with different situations and requirements from a conventional work environment. You schedule, organize, and manage your workday differently. How you communicate is different. You can???t just call a team huddle or spontaneously run to your colleague???s office to ask a question.

The Remote Worker Self-Study Workbook is a self-paced, self-guided workbook that uses your unique Extended DISC?? Behavioural Analysis results to compare against the different key success factors and support needs of remote work. ??It is designed for people working remotely, it??helps individuals create a work environment and processes that best support their behavioural style.

You???ll know how much support, attention and feedback each team member needs, and even get a good idea of which of your team members can handle the sometimes-isolating aspects of remote work.

The workbook contains 3 Main Sections:

The key work factors

  • My DISC Style
  • Self-Directiveness
  • Self-Discipline
  • Self-Motivation
  • Self-Communication
  • Self-Care

The key mental factors

  • My Attitude
  • My Trustworthiness
  • My Adaptability



Key Communication Factor

  • How To Communicate With You
  • How To Communicate With Your Team
  • How To Initiate Communication With Others

his Behavioural DNA Diagnostic is a powerful tool to help your candidates create a work environment and processes that best support their strongest behavioural traits. We have both physical as well as psychological distance to the rest of the organization. Communication with others is different.

The prerequisite to this workbook is the??My Self-Study Workbook. It describes the DISC Theory and behavioural models in detail, providing you with a much deeper understanding of why certain situations feel more comfortable for you and why you generally succeed better in certain types of situations.


Since each individual behavioural style needs different support and will value different aspects of remote work; knowing what to offer is essential if you want to have a successful remote work program.

Remote Worker Productivity Solutions