Business Communication

The Business Communication Certification is comprised of three modules that address key components of effective communication in the workplace.

  • DISCerning Communication Framework >>> learning the language of behaviours
  • Creating Compelling Content
  • How To Give Instructions To Achieve Objectives

DISCerning Communication Framework

Keys to communicating with others in their preferred behavioural language from your style.

The Way We Are (1.5 credits)

A revealing examination of how our socialization might actually be having a negative impact on inter-personal relations. Also, why don???t we apply common sense principles that apply elsewhere to our interactions with others?

Why We Classify Behaviours (1 credit)

An insightful look at the value of understanding behavioural preferences while looking at pitfalls, abuses and misguided thinking.

How DISCerning Communication Drives Teamwork (8 credits)

A wide-ranging exploration of the importance of teams in driving organization-wide success and the critical role of Communication in the effectiveness of teams.

DISCerning Communication – Relating to D-Style Behaviour (2 Credits)

Dealing with Dominant personalities is a recurring challenge in organizations. This mini-course provides a totally different perspective on the issue.

DISCerning Listening (6 credits)

Effective listening is a skill that is in short supply. While a lot of focus is placed on Sender issues in coaching improved Communication, Receiver deficiencies loom large. This e-text drills down to core listening challenges and provides corrective solutions.

Business Communication – Content Creation

Core principles to guide improved communication skills.

Creating Compelling Content- Key Objectives

  1. Appreciate the value of good written communication.
  2. Introduce paragraphs that connect, develop and conclude a thought.
  3. Proofread content so that it is clear, concise, complete and correct.
  4. Prepare reports and proposals that get the desired results ??? consistently.
  5. Apply these skills in your daily operations.

The 4 Cs of Compelling Writing

Conform To These C Rules To Produce Compelling Content Consistently.

Always ensure that what is communicate is Clear, Concise, Complete and Correct!

The 9 Rules of Writing (4 credits)

Here is the 9 rules of effective writing

  1. Use familiar words
  2. Prefer short, simple words
  3. Use concrete words
  4. Prefer active to passive verbs
  5. Avoid camouflaged verbs
  6. Arrange sentences for emphasis and clarity
  7. Keep sentences short
  8. Ensure modifying words and phrases relate to nouns and pronouns
  9. Use words economically

We will now review a series of extracts to demonstrate and reinforce the use of the 9 rules

Business Communication – How To Give Instructions To Achieve Objectives

How To Give Instructions To Achieve Objectives To Different Behavioural Styles

Giving Instructions To D-Style Preferences (2 credits)

Giving Instructions To Individuals With I-Style Preferences (2 credits)

Giving Instructions To S-Style Preferences (2 credits)

Giving Instructions To C-Style Preferences (2 credits)