SPIKE enables improved performance by maintaining goal alignment, regular checking-in on progress, course-correction and user-friendly tracking and reporting mechanisms.

The Strategic Performance Improvement & Knowledge Enable (SPIKE) is unique among talent management technology solutions. One key difference is the fact that it integrates four pillars of Talent Management into a single platform accessing a single database.

1. Change Management

In an environment in which rapid and disruptive change is to be expected, Change Management is a high priority activity.

SPIKE guides the process by using its built-in E-Competency Framework 2.0 feature to link Vision to Values and to cascade them down through Mission, Objectives and Strategy. That in turn yields the competences that are required across the organization in a modern, dynamic manner.

Role-specific competences are linked to descriptors which facilitate Performance Management and Appraisal.

The SPIKE Gap Analysis facilitator supports targeted Training & Development and the future-readiness of the organization.


SPIKE has a built-in, user-friendly Online (Virtual) Academy. The Online Academy comes with a carefully selected library of courses. It also facilitates the uploading or creation of your own or third-party courses.

Customers love the embedded Blog and Discussion Forum features.

It is important to note that the Capacity Development activities are not divorced from the Change Management considerations and vice versa. This part of what differentiates SPIKE from traditional learning solutions.


SPIKE addresses tracking from different perspectives. As you would expect, learning activities are tracked to ensure that knowledge transfer has in fact taken place.

SPKE also tracks performance on the job. The unique e-Work Plan feature lays out weekly deliverables and provides easy tracking and communication about the status of any assignment.

This is another SPIKE differentiator as it facilitates performance appraisal and management on an ongoing basis!


SPIKE incorporates a platform for the conduct of Employee Satisfaction surveys as well as 360 degree assessments.

There is also the option to incorporate psychometric and other behavioural assessments in the overall integrated talent management process.

Watch this brief video to get an overview of SPIKE and E-Competency Framework 2.0 as a hub for HR & Talent Management actions:


You can track your objectives on an ongoing basis

We have our special functions are add to a business. We feel that this special functions is part of HR its piece of the success business.

E - Work Plans

Breakdown annual strategic plans into weekly electronic activities that are tracked to ensure that objectives are met.

Track and Audit

Monitor progress at any time and add comments in relation to each assignment

Get Notified

A built-in notification system facilitates the assignment of tasks, the provision of reminders and escalation for non-compliance.


SPIKE provides convenient tracking on an ongoing basis. Establish the goals, identify the indicators and let SPIKE???s tracking and notification features guide you to success time after time.


Perform 90,180,360 degree performance reviews against the rigorous competency structure from the e-Competency Framework 2.0 or from your own competency library.


You can notify employees automatically of due/overdue assignments, activities, reviews

From performance reviews and real-time feedback to goal management and employee engagement, the SPIKE platform is flexible enough to support your Talent & Performance Management strategies.