Supervising to Success!

The battle for competitiveness is won in the trenches. You have to implement well to win. There is no shortage of ideas and vision. The essential difference between #1 and #2 lies in their operational capability.

Good help is hard to find and a corps of well-honed supervisors is priceless. These are the sergeant-majors that ensure that the right things get done at the right time and in the right way.

Your Supervisors, Team Leaders and Middle Managers hold the key to your success. This is where morale and culture are finally shaped.

Supervising to Success gives this core group mastery over proven techniques for leading people that are guaranteed to enhance the productivity of your organization and to give you a competitive advantage!

Give us 12 direct contact hours with your supervisory, team leadership and middle management cadre and watch the change in the weeks to come as they adopt new attitudes and employ new, high impact techniques. No matter what business you are in, as long as you have people who lead people, this workshop is for you!

The coaching programme is delivered online for the equivalent of 12 direct contact hours. Unique reinforcement is provided through access to a carefully curated online learning and coaching experience.

You will reap the following rich rewards:

1.Extended DISC/FinxS Supervisory DNA Reports for each individual and the team.
2.Mastering the language of behaviours.

There is no doubt that the people challenge is the single most important issue to be dealt with in your operations. We must bring new strategies to bear on this vexed problem.

The fundamental difference with Supervising to Success! is that it produces a consistently successful approach to the supervision of people by incorporating unique Extended DISC/Success with People Strategies. Supervision is about people and behaviour and the tools and strategies that are used in this workshop go to the very heart of the effective management of others.

The fundamental difference with the Supervising to Success course is that it produces a consistently successful approach to the supervision of people by incorporating unique Extended DISC/Success with People (SWP) Strategies.

Mastery of the Extended DISC framework gives supervisors a proven set of strategies for reading and dealing with the nuances of people???s behaviour to achieve objectives without some of the conflict that sometimes accompany a push for the attainment of goals. This is a real opportunity to give your organization a competitive edge!

Invariably participants come away from the course with ???Now I understand???.??? and ???That is why???.??? exclamations. Giving instructions and feedback are usually seen from a refreshingly new perspective.

Supervisory Excellence ??? Exploration of High Impact Supervisory Strategies

Supervisors, Team Leaders & Middle Managers will be engaged in:

  • Identifying the 5 most common pitfalls that ensnare supervisors and develop strategies for avoiding them.
  • Appreciating the pivotal role of supervisors in the organization. Being the first point of contact with management while being an advocate and guide for their direct reports.
  • Being led to a state of increased awareness and practical application of a plan for influencing others positively that will increase their effectiveness in the new work order. They learn in concrete and practical ways the distinction between being a supervisor and being a leader.
  • Being brought to the point where they reflect a marked improvement in their capacity to present ideas in a way that gets positive responses as they unlock the keys to effective negotiation.
  • Having to demonstrate the importance of tone and body language in communication and use the S.O.F.T.E.N. PRINCIPLE to get things said the right way.
  • Learning to pass on instructions or initiate action without causing misunderstandings and stimulating resentment from colleagues. They learn the 7-step guideline for disciplining people and getting the desired results.
  • Identifying new skills that they can bring to bear on problem solving. They understand and utilize the concept of completed staff work in the decision-making process without falling into the paralysis of analysis.
  • Using V.O.W.E.L and R.E.S.O.L.U.T.I.O.N techniques to resolve conflicts.
  • Utilizing new techniques and principles to manage projects and implement plans. They learn the value of measurement in getting results and understand the value of the concept of performance metrics.