What do the research data point to with respect to Training & Certification?

LinkedIn asked talent developers globally what their top three challenges are this year and here’s what they said:

49% Getting managers to make learning a priority for their teams

42% Creating a culture of learning

36% Increasing employee engagement in learning

31% Teaching their employees to use technology more effectively

26% Scaling learning across the organization

22% Understanding what skills to build or courses to recommend

22% Making sure that learners know where to find learning resources

21% Demonstrating the value of learning

21% Identifying skills gaps

17% Getting executive buy-in

(Source: LinkedIn Learning 2019 Workplace Learning Report)

INFOSERV People Tech Solutions provides support for the top 10 issues


Here are the core principles and philosophy that guide our approach to training and certification.

  • Future-readiness as the driver.
  • Resilience and not just upskilling and reskilling.
  • Reliance on technology as an enabler.
  • Content delivery 24/7/365 as it is needed where it is needed.
  • Use of assessments to verify transfer of knowledge and support ROI.
  • Use of Virtual Academies to reach more people, more frequently, with more in-depth content for less.
  • Use of Training Needs Analysis to align Learning & Development with corporate Values, Vision, Mission and Objectives.

Value-adding Options

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High Performance Teams

How to develop High Performance Teams

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Scientific Selling

Boost Sales effectiveness with Scientific Selling incorporating DISCerning Selling techniques that speak to each customer in their preferred behavoural language.
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Virtual Academies

Deploy your branded, fully-customized turnkey Virtual Academy chock full of courses, assessments, blog and a discussion forum.

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Leadership Development

Choose from a variety of Leadership Development certificate programs.

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Leadership Development Program

3-D Leader Certification

Customized Interventions

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