Why There Needs To Be a Different You in 2022

Could you commit murder?

In the movie “The Push”, Psychological Illusionist Derren Brown uses social pressure to convince ordinary, decent, real-life individuals to become increasingly socially compliant until they commit murder.

Have many of us have lost our objectivity because of social pressure?

Can socialization and corporate culture strip us of our capacity to think independently?

Critically, are socialization and corporate culture stifling creativity and innovation?

Let us explore these questions from the perspective of an avatar “Dan Jnr”.

Dan Jnr had been elevated to lead the unit. Like many others in his situation, Dan Jnr is facing many challenges. His experience is replicated across many organizations. We capture its essence here.

How was your promotion received?

There was lukewarm reception by some team members. A few appeared to be supportive. However, there is a hard core of individuals who had spent years under the leadership of my predecessor who refuse to cooperate.

What is their grouse?

The organization is big on tradition. Many of the employees have been there for years. Some have come there directly out of school and have never experienced any other work environment. You survive there by falling in line with cultural norms.

I am relatively new to the organization and a newbie in this unit.

I am viewed with suspicion as I am one of a group of strategically recruited executives who are expected to lead the renewal of the organization.

We are viewed by the employees as the first wave of an invading army that is coming to take away their jobs and destroy everything that they hold dear.

This sounds like there is mistrust. Do you think you may have contributed to this in any way?

I try to be polite and respectful. However, I am here to get a job done. I am expected to initiate change and make a difference.

The biggest challenge may not be related to trust. The problems arise every time I try to introduce something new.

I get overrun with responses about how it has always been done. The persona of the previous unit leader looms large. Resistance to change is the issue from my perspective. I have never hidden the fact that change is my agenda so there should be no misunderstandings.

What support are you getting from the top?

I get a mixed response. They seem to appreciate the need for the renewal but in the main they are also wed to the tradition.

For example, I might get approval for a new initiative but being supported in its implementation is another matter. Limited resources. Slow further approvals. Retreat when challenged by traditionalists.

Could it be that your approach to change management is too aggressive and needs tweaking?

It may be. I face roadblocks at every turn and I feel like I am out there on my own most of the time. But I feel like that comes with my role as a change agent.

What is the answer from your perspective?

I am not sure that I am able to prescribe solutions.

I think that both sides are into a new experience and neither party is sure how to deal with it.

Maybe I could have learned to slow down and build trust first rather than pushing through the change agenda.

I also wonder if top management could have been more thoughtful in the planning and introduction of the change initiative.

I have the sense that the organization was not ready. This kind of transformation initiative requires preparation and change agents like me could definitely benefit from some specialized training and ongoing support.

What next?

I appreciate the challenges. In the final analysis, I think that I need to continue to be different. If I succumb to the pressure of the traditional culture I would have failed.

I need to be different as the difference that I am representing will save the jobs of those who are resisting. It is not a strategy to replace them.

I need to be different because the trajectory of my life is different from most of my colleagues.

Statistically, the greater part of my life is ahead of me whilst theirs is behind them. I need to maintain a future-ready mind-set.

I have to be different because this issue is bigger than me and even my organization. This kind of transformation is of national importance.

Dan Jr’s situation is increasingly a feature of life in organizations in this climate of rapid and inescapable change.


Are there Dan Jnr units in your organization? People skills are critical for developing strong teams within organizations. Ask about our Time/Task/Stress & Change Management e-diagnostics as you look on the horizon to have even more impact for this new year.

Additionally, have you completed a climate survey recently? According to the Harvard Business review “Not having a regular survey sends a clear message: you don’t care about people’s opinions. The act of filling out a survey gives them a specific channel for expressing voice…. They’re still great predictors of behaviour, they give employees the chance to feel heard, and they’re actually a vehicle for changing behaviour.”

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Size Matters. Here’s Why

As a practitioner that relies heavily on behavioural assessments, I have been asked to make a distinction between the traditional DISC tools and my preferred solution – Extended DISC??.

As I said in the subject, size matters.


I remember before I transitioned to Extended DISC?? having individuals in an intervention get the same exact report. Many tools are happy to identify 16 unique styles.

Extended DISC?? identifies 160 behavioural styles ??? 40 for each of the four quadrants.

Many DISC tools identify a fraction of those styles. This gives the appearance of generic reporting and impacts negatively on the credibility of the tools among users. In large groups, there is the high probability that participants may get identical reports.

In addition to the depth of the identified styles, Extended DISC?? has over 200,000,000 unique DISC results to ensure employees receive very personalized and specific results.


Just this week an executive shared with me that the close colleagues with whom she had shared her Extended DISC?? Leadership DNA report had not seen her Natural Style as reported. They just did not know that part of her. However, she was fully aware of the difference between her presented persona and who she is in her safe space. Not everyone is as in tune with themselves as she is. Consequently, many experience constant internal conflict bridging the gap of the conscious and unconscious domains. This can be stressful and may lead to early burn out or high turnover levels.

Traditional DISC tools fail to capture that inner self and miss a critical component of meaningful behavioural assessment deployment.

Extended DISC?? provides insights into both the conscious and unconscious domains. The reports address the individual???s Natural Style and the Perceived Need To Adjust.

Let???s have a conversation about how Extended DISC assessments on the revolutionary FinxS Platform can make a difference for you.

Trevor E S Smith

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Why We Gravitate To Behavioural Classification

Finding two people who are exactly alike is an exercise in futility. However, the idea that we will have to live with such unpredictability is daunting.

That is why there is gravitation to a reliable framework that assists us in bringing some consistency and predictability in relating to others. Being able to communicate with others in their preferred behavioural language is a skill that dramatically improves our interpersonal relationships!

What we do and how others see us is a function of our unique blend of temperaments. Learning to recognize preferences in ourselves and in others provide a platform for improved interpersonal communication and the enhancing of individual, team and organizational cohesiveness and performance.


We use the DISCerning Model of Communication, Leadership and Conflict Management to capture this process of communicating in the language of behaviours. Behavioural Assessments (psychometric analysis) provide us with the grammar and syntax that underpin the language of behaviours.

There is no doubt that the ???people factor??? is one of the most important issues to be dealt with as we strive for better communication, harmony and increased productivity. We have to bring new strategies to bear on this challenge. People skills are central to personal and organizational success. Behavioural styles and Interpersonal approaches require the same rigorous analysis and training investment as technical areas.


The DISCerning Communication Model is not designed to place individuals into boxes that define what they can or cannot do. Some things come more naturally to us and the assessment helps to identify things that require more energy and focus and those that we can perform more easily.

What we have here then is a guide at a particular point in time as to our tendencies, preferences, preferred ways of receiving and sending information, instruction and feedback. Armed with this knowledge team and group members reap the benefits of being able to:

  1. Understand themselves and the behaviour styles of others.
  2. Use the related concepts to modify their behaviour as needed.
  3. Communicate to others in their preferred behavioural language.
  4. Identify blind spots that could limit their effectiveness and development.
  5. Create a climate in which bonding takes place within the team/group.
  6. Lay the foundation for the development of high performance teams.


Extended DISC?? Assessments

We use customized and powerful assessments from Extended DISC?? on the revolutionary FinxS?? Platform to facilitate the management of individuals, teams and organizations in all spheres of the enterprise.  They serve as a compass that guides organizations in identifying where they are and in determining where they need to be.

The Extended DISC?? assessments and the FinxS?? platform support a structured system for the more effective management of people and for fostering effective collaboration and enhanced productivity. Extended DISC?? is the world???s fastest growing assessment system. Its revolutionary FinxS?? Platform has transformed the assessment landscape and the FinxS?? Playground is used by thousands daily.


Extended DISC?? assessments on the FinxS?? platform are constantly being expanded. This has resulted in a constant flow of carefully developed assessments. These include support for:

  1. Recruitment and Employee retention
  2. Employee Engagement
  3. Screening staff for promotion, assignment and career planning
  4. Human resource database management and analysis
  5. Succession Planning
  6. People development, Counselling and Coaching
  7. Job and Role Fit Analysis
  8. Leadership, Management and Supervisory training & development
  9. Interpersonal Relations and Communication interventions
  10. Work Pair, Team Cohesiveness and Team alignment
  11. Sales Competence evaluation
  12. Marketing and Public Relations
  13. Customer Service 
  14. Sports Competence evaluation
  15. Remote Worker Assessment
  16. Organization Development
  17. Climate/Satisfaction/Engagement/360 Surveys
  18. Change Management and Corporate Entrepreneurship
  19. Reasoning Analysis and Capability Testing
  20. Team Mapping

Trevor E S Smith

INFOSERV People Tech Solutions

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What Does Evidence-based Workforce Development Involve?

This is an invitation to explore a multi-faceted source of integrated, digital assessment systems that provide end-to-end support for many of today???s most challenging HR and Workforce Development issues.

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Recruitment & Selection ??? Role Fit Solution

Reduce the high cost and negative impact of bad hires with our Hiring Smart solution. Create an Ideal Template that represents the applicant of your dreams for each role in your hiring plans. Match short-listed applicants against the Ideal Job Template to help you select the best fit. Use the information to guide the chosen candidate to achieve success in their role. No more square pegs in round holes!


Team Dynamics

It sounds corny, but it is true ??? Teamwork makes the dream work. An examination of team dynamics can tell the story about the long term success of an organization. Our vast array of customizable individual and team diagnostics will present your story using a compelling mix of graphics and text.


We guarantee that you will gain insights about your organization, each team and individual members that are not available to you from any other source!

It is from those insights that a successful strategy to increase employee engagement and retention is finally crafted.

Are your teams fully aligned to the requirements of the current and future environment?

Our Team Maps graphically depict how the team will cope in a changing environment and undergird the critical importance of resilience and reliability as pillars on which your operations must be grounded.

Front-line Presence

How are you being represented by your customer service/client care representatives?

People see your organization through the experiences they have with those individuals. Have you taken extra care in your selection, training and management of those team members?

We have some specifically-crafted assessments and reports for client care that are guaranteed to move the relationship with your clients and stakeholders to a higher level.

Customer Service ??? Role Fit Analysis Extract (Property Extended DISC Intl)


As with other roles, the Ideal Job Template is created with input from individuals who fully understand the requirements of the role. They decide on the ratings of the competences that are drawn from the vast FinxS?? Behavioural Competency Library.

Employee Engagement

Consecutive Deloitte studies indicate that 2 out of every 3 employees are not engaged on the job. Two-thirds of your employees are merely going through the motions. What does that mean for your overall effectiveness and goal attainment?

Monitoring the workplace climate and level of engagement with easy to implement Satisfaction Survey instruments is a good starting point. You can also add the use of 360 assessments to identify where your leadership challenges lie and what to do about them.

The flat-fee licence also includes the new Remote Worker Assessment.


One-size-fits-all training and coaching is a regular occurrence. However, it is not the most effective solution. Our behavioural assessments provide the opportunity for laser-like, targeted training and coaching that addresses the specific needs of each individual in ways that suited to their behavioural style. Improved competence drives enhanced performance!

We routinely include behavioural assessments in all our training programmes. With the flat-fee licence, you gain access to the revolutionary FinxS?? Platform which facilitates the creation of multiple, situation-specific reports on any individual in the FinxS?? database. This means that once an individual has completed the assessment you can look at them in a variety of contexts. The FinxS?? Playground allows you to conduct this review on screen with the ability to view a group and compare their respective level of comfort with displaying any competence from the library.

How does the budget-friendly, flat-fee licence work?

We have a conversation about your organization and we will send you an agreement that outlines the package that is designed to meet your unique needs.

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