How To Negotiate With A Dominant Personality

Your Outlook

Develop a strategy that concentrates on their goal of personal control of their environment and fear of having someone take advantage of them.

Remember the Dominant individual (D-Style) wants to WIN!

Your interaction

  1. Limit the amount of socializing.
  2. Get to the point.
  3. Respond to their task-related/result-oriented needs.
  4. Be business-like.
  5. Ask ???what??? questions that focus on their concern for results.
  6. Accept their bluntness.
  7. Show a desire for them to achieve added benefits.

Gaining their co-operation and commitment

  1. Highlight the key options available. Do not present only one option.
  2. Make it clear that you understand that the choice is theirs.
  3. Do not try to push them to make a choice or to accept your recommendations.

Develop a long-term win-win relationship by:

  1. Ensuring efficiency and delivery as promised.
  2. Drawing attention to your proven successes.
  3. Focusing on helping them to achieve their goals.

Remember the D-Style does not like:

  1. Waiting
  2. Idle chatter
  3. Slow responses
  4. Indecision
  5. Overly structured requirements
  6. Taking orders or losing control of the situation

Your arguments should always include phrases like:

???This means that you?????????

???The benefit of this to you is??????

???The competitive advantage for you is ???..???

Case study

Bill was part of a group of friends who wanted to sell the idea of sponsoring a radio program to his boss ??? Don. The group included highly trained sales reps and an elaborate sales presentation was developed. The presentation was derailed as Bill recognized that his boss was getting impatient. He went straight to the bottom line cost/benefit figures.

Don actually thanked Bill for not wasting his time with the ???sales talk??? and approved the sponsorship.

The above approach may not work well with the I-Style because:

The relationship is as important (in fact, often more important) than any other factor in their decision-making. ???Connecting??? helps.

The above approach may not work well with the S-Style because:

The S-Style would prefer to get a full understanding of how the entire project would come together. They would prefer to have all the nuances and possibilities explained. There should be no surprises.

The above approach might work with the C-Style with some adjustment:

The C-Style is not keen on what they consider meaningless chatter. So, a direct reference to the hard facts is appealing to them.

It is not likely that a quick decision will be made. You should also be prepared to leave support documentation with C-Style and to follow up for a decision later.


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