Values-driven Leadership Development

I feel compelled to share the structure of a highly successful Leadership Development Program that is in a follow up phase of implementation with an important public sector entity. 


The organization is committed to becoming a Centre of Excellence. That led to the unavoidable conclusion that it was important to start by distilling the Values that would underpin their quest.


The next consideration related to the challenge of cascading Values down through the various levels of the organization such that they are manifested in the day to day conduct of business. 

The decision was taken to adopt an updated, futuristic approach to Competency Frameworks – Competency Framework 2.0.

Core Competencies along with the carefully crafted and insightful descriptors were developed for each level of the organization. 


In recognition of the critical need for across the board buy in, care was taken to conduct small group review, adjustment and acceptance of the competencies and the very important descriptors.

The 2.0 approach does not use one blanket Statement of Competency that applies at all levels. 

CEOs and entry level clerks have different responsibilities related to communication or the use of initiative. Consequently, developing forward-looking, role-specific descriptors provides clarity as to what is expected in the performance of each job.

That in turn feeds into performance management as well as learning and development considerations. In that way, Competency Framework 2.0 becomes a hub for Workforce/Talent Management ??? from Recruitment & Selection, through Onboarding, Learning & Development, Performance Management & Appraisal, Career Development and Succession Planning.


Some entities look upon the approved and bought into Competency Framework 2.0 like it is a trophy. Something to be set up to be admired but not touched.  Motivated by the earnest quest to become a Centre of Excellence, the organization embarked on an implementation program. 

The initial phase was to develop a Leadership Development Program that would embrace the values, competencies and overall philosophy that was contained in the Competency Framework 2.0.

That program was aligned with HR Training Plans which had already identified competency and knowledge gaps.


The program was delivered using best of class technology support. An organization-branded Virtual Academy was developed to host and deliver the program.

Interactive online content was developed. Each course offered Professional Development Credits that are approved by the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) for SHRM CP and SCP recertification. 

Each course had built in or appended mini quizzes to validate the transfer of knowledge. This also facilitates Training ROI considerations.

In a display of recognition of learner challenges, a live synchronous component was incorporated. This was limited to one weekly online 90-minute session.??


The take up of the offer to participate in the program was outstanding. The live sessions were a thing to behold. Critically, completion rates (i.e. the granting of certificates and professional development credits) exceeded all expectations. 

It is not surprising that Phase 2 has attracted a significant increase in registration. 


This program from end to end is now supported by our SPIKE technology solution (Strategic Performance Improvement and Knowledge Enabler).

Let us have a conversation as to how this positive experience can infuse resilience and future-readiness into your Leadership cadre.

Trevor E S Smith

Success with People Academy

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