Time is one of our most valuable and yet most fleeting resources. Effective management of time lies at the heart of human and organizational success. This programme is guaranteed to re-claim a minimum of one hour per day of your time for more productive use. If you have to complete some activity within specified time frames, this program is for you.

Time is like money. Some of us can’t account for what we have done with it. Others invest it and create the opportunity to achieve a lot more with the time they get..

Let us help you to invest your time and get more done, while working on your stress coping mechanisms.

Complete your Your Time Management DNA Diagnosis on the FinxS Platform from Extended DISC. 

This unique competency-based diagnosis will identify strengths to build on and gaps that are impacting your performance.

Review Your Behavioural Style Orientation

Your innate behavioural preferences are central to understanding your approach to time and task management and for achieving success from your preferred style.

Improve your effectiveness across 7 Time Mastery Dimensions 

1. Attitude, Predisposition, Time Socialization, Reality Check

  • Not enough time in your day?
  • Follow the Guided Tour back to your early days….what can you learn?
  • What is the true state of your time management?

 2. Goal clarity, Prioritization, Motivation

  • Complete structured exercises to help bring greater clarity with respect to vision, mission, goals and your motivation for achieving them.
  • Sift out distractions and time wasting activities.

3. Time Audit, Planning, Scheduling, Accountability

  • Perform some serious nuts and bolts work to significantly increase your effectiveness.
  • De-mystify the maze that is associated with effective planning and scheduling.

4. Plugging the drains – interruptions, distractions, meetings

  • This is where the tap has been left open. Stop this wanton waste of your most valuable resource
  • We not only identify the leakages, we show you how to plug them, permanently.
  • Reclaim hours of lost time by taming Interruptions with 8 foolproof strategies.
  • Implement 7 rules for planning and governing Meetings.  

5. Team Time Management, Delegation

  • As organized as you may be, your time management effectiveness is greatly impacted by others.
  • Learn to management your supervisors, colleagues, friends and family and watch your effectiveness and achievements soar to new heights!
  • Follow a 7-step plan for more effective Delegation.

6. Performance Enhancement Techniques and Tools

  • Get hold of raft of productivity tools, tips and practices that you can implement instantly for enhanced performance.
  • Tame the big P….procrastination.

7. The Elephant in Your Room, Balance

  • We tend to know what is our most deep-seated challenge in managing in our time. We will accept it, confront it and tame it.
  • A major factor impacting our time management is the potential for feelings of disengagement. Employee engagement is a widespread and growing phenomenon. We will steer you clear of the disengagement, “search for meaning” syndrome.
  • Follow careful guidance to help you maintain balance in your life.

This is an upgraded version of the Time and Task Management programme that has had transformational impact on participants.

New diagnostic tools and practical exercises add increased value to an already robust course.

Added to that, new interactive, take-away content makes this program unquestionably good value for money.

Stress Management ???.Coping in challenging times

Learn key strategies for recognizing the inevitability of stress and coping effectively with it.

  1. Recognize Stress as being an integral part of our lives
  2. View events through Cleaned Filters for amazingly different results
  3. Understand the role of Satisfaction
  4. Master the Identification and Management o f Stressors
  5. Reduce or Eliminate Stressors
  6. Respond differently to stressors
  7. Identify and Access your Coping Resources
  8. Use Problem Solving Techniques in Stress Management
  9. Use Communication as a Stress Management Tool


We are so confident about the quality of the Time, Task And Stress Management program that if you do not believe that you have received good value for money, simply send us a note explaining why and GET A FULL REFUND.  You even get the benefit of the unique diagnostic reports.

    Time, Task And Stress Management