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This process has initiated transformation in organizations and turned around team performance for decades. This is your opportunity to achieve the same results as our guest!

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Meet Trevor


Trevor E S Smith is Chairman of INFOSERV People Tech Solutions and the driver of the thrust to bring the world leading solutions from Extended DISC® on the revolutionary FinxS® Playground to East and West Africa.

He is the founding Director of the INFOSERV Group including the Success with People Academy, INFOSERV Institute of Technology, INFOSERV Learning Management System.

Trevor is a serial author and people skills and performance enhancement specialist.

Meet Richard


Richard Solomon is CEO of INFOSERV People Tech Solutions.

He is the Principal Consultant and Managing Director of Development Consulting Center Ltd. Richard holds a Master of Business Administration specializing in Organization Transformation and a second MBA specializing in Strategic Human Resource Management and he is pursuing a PhD. in Management Psychology. 

He is the bestselling author of The Signature Service Strategy, a book and system that guides organizations how to develop Signature Service cultures.

During This Free Training, You will Learn:

This is not just a regular webinar. We are committed to providing you with real value for the time you invest with us.

How Behavioural Preferences impact inter-personal relationships and frustrate team performance

How toxic environments dampen team member engagement, lead to high turnover and low productivity AND what to do about it!

How to use leading-edge technology to develop individuals, teams and organizations that are ready for the future

Get answers to issues like:

Get answers to issues like: